Bilingual translator

Do you need a book, newsletter, brochure or website translated? Dutch & Such offers a specialised translation service from Dutch to English and vice versa.

Dutch & Such ensures quality translations at a competitive price. Google Translate may work fine for translating individual words and the gist of a text, but to translate well-written copy,  you need a skilled translator. Preferably one who is a native in both languages. I am completely bilingual in Dutch and English, and I have 18+ years of translation experience.

The content of your book, website, newsletter or brochure is in safe hands with Dutch & Such. Well-written Dutch deserves to be translated into well-written English. That goes both ways.

A variety of language areas

Since 2002 I have done a wide variety of translations ranging from books to brochures, from websites to speeches. In 2008 for instance I translated a speech for the Prime-Minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme.

More recently I translated the entire website for Amsterdam-based web design agency Strawberries. In 2007 I completed the translation of the book ‘Lampersari’, memories of a World War 2 Japanese prison camp (please click here for a sample). In 2014 I completed the English translation of ‘Light on Leiden’, a book of walks through the Dutch city of Leiden.

Dutch & Such translations are reasonably priced at € 0.17 per word (excluding VAT). I often work on a project basis, whereby we agree on a fixed fee for your translation beforehand. For more details or a quotation please feel free to get in touch.

For samples of my translation work please see the ‘Books’ and ‘Overview’ section on this page.