Intermediate Dutch

Online Dutch Courses

Dutch & Such courses are online only. We work with Google Classroom for sharing content. For the live online sessions for your questions and speaking practice we use Google Meet.

Prior to the course, you will receive a notification to log on to Meet. The online sessions will take place on the dates and times stated in the overview of the course. You will also receive a link to be added to Google Classroom.

Pre-Intermediate Dutch

You can easily order a ‘broodje bij de bakker’, but you would also like to feel confident expressing your ideas in Dutch. You know the difference between a ‘vis restaurant’ and a ‘vies restaurant’, but you would also like to have an interesting conversation with your Dutch dinner date. You know that in the Netherlands ‘koffie’ is the single most important substance at work, but you would also like to know what’s being said during meetings and around the coffee machine. Does this sound familiar? Then join us! And move your Dutch to the next level…B1.

Please note! The pre-intermediate course won’t be running this autumn.

Intermediate Dutch

You’re beyond the basics now. Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau in your learning. You are at A2/B1 level and you’d like to become more fluent. This course puts you firmly at level B1.

Starting:13 September 2022
Cost:€ 410.- (excluding book)
Duration:10 weeks
Course dates:13, 20, 27 September
4, 11, 25 October
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November
Class times:13:00-14:30
Course Book: Nederlands in Actie (July 2022 edition).

Further details

  • The fee includes all Dutch & Such worksheets.
  • A language course with us VAT free!
  • There is a minimum of 4 applicants for the course to be viable.


The general rule for homework during your language course is as follows:

for each individual class, you need to factor in the same amount of time for the homework.

Say, for instance, you have a 90-minute class once a week, then the time you should spend on the homework should be 90 minutes as well. Before you start doing your homework it is important to time yourself. Cap your homework time at that 90-minute mark. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished.

Bear in mind it is more productive to do your homework in three half-hour sessions spread out through the week, than in one 90-minute session. The secret to learning is routine.


To do a self-assessment please find the link to the checklist at the bottom of my homepage or simply click here. If you have specific questions about your level please send me a quick email by using the contact form.


If you would like to join us then please fill in the registration form.


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