Kiki Levy

Ms Kiki Levy studied at the University of Amsterdam. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, and a Master’s in International Development Studies. Kiki also trained as an English language teacher, and holds a TEFL/TESOL teaching certification. With a Dutch mother and an English-speaking Canadian father Kiki is completely bilingual.


Before going to university Kiki travelled extensively in Asia. Her travels were about more than just sun, beaches and food. She also worked as a volunteer; teaching English in Cambodia and Indonesia. She also supported an Environment Awareness program in Indonesia. 


After completing her university studies, Kiki resumed her travels and went to Latin America for two years. During this two-year period, she found employment as an English teacher at the Universidad de la Sierra Sur in Mexico, where she assisted adult learners in preparing for TOEFL-exams. She also worked as an English teacher at a language school in Antigua, Guatemala.


It is often said that the best thing about travel is coming home. Kiki’s wish to return to her homeland also brought her to teaching Dutch. Having traveled far and wide Kiki has found that teaching Dutch is also a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world. So really, Kiki’s travels continue – at home – in teaching internationals Dutch.


The sense of travel and adventure is key to Kiki’s approach to teaching Dutch. Whether you’ve just landed in the Netherlands or you’ve been here for some time, learning with Kiki is a journey through the Dutch language and culture. She makes language learning not just effective, but also fun. Let Kiki be your travel guide through the language of the Lowlands. Happy travels! Or as we say in Dutch: Goede reis en veel plezier!