Inburgering – Civic Integration Exam

Inburgering Diploma Course 

Do you need to study for the Inburgeringsexamen (Civic Integration Test) and acquire Dutch Citizenship? Are you a non-EU citizen and do you wish to ease visa hassle? Or are you British and unsure what the effects will be of the Brexit vote? Then please contact me here. Inburgering students at Dutch & Such have a 95% success rate.

The next Inburgering course starts on 16 July 2018. A2 level of Dutch required.

Class days and times:Mo-Fri 9:30am - 1:00pm
Cost:€ 380.- (excluding book)
Start date:16 July 2018
Duration:5 days
Class dates:16, 17, 18, 19, 20 July 2018
Course book: Welkom in Nederland
(the 2015 edition) all 10 chapters

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Further details:

To start the Inburgering Diploma course your Dutch must be at A2 level. Test your level of Dutch using the online checklist.

The fee includes all Dutch & Such worksheets. Dutch & Such is certified, so a course with me is VAT free!

Preview or pre-order our course book ‘Welkom in Nederland’ (this is a new edition).

There is a maximum of 8 participants per course. There is a minimum of 4 applicants for the course to be viable. I will let you know if the course does not go ahead. If so, then naturally you will be offered a different course, a credit note or a refund.

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For the latest news (August 2015) on the EU laws in relation to Inburgering check this article.

Latest update on Inburgering (January 2015)

The latest developments concerning the inburgering exam.

(translated from a LinkedIn forum on inburgering)

You can find the link to a mock speaking exam on the Dutch State’s information website here. In this test, you have to respond to situations. You watch a short video. You hear a short instruction. You have to respond to two questions per video. You do that by speaking into the microphone.

On 1 January 2015 a new section was added to the exam. That is the ‘mini-portfolio’ also known as O.N.A. (Oriëntatie Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt). It’s not possible to use the old (2007) portfolio version here. This new ‘mini-portfolio’ section is for people who have arrived in the Netherlands and apply for the inburgering test on or after 1-1-2015. People who have to do the inburgering exam and came to the Netherlands before 1-1-2015 can do the inburgering exam (version 2013) – in which the TGN has been replaced by the new oral exam (as of 1-11-2014).

Immigrants who are not obliged to do the inburgering exam (such as Eastern Europeans, knowledge immigrants from India) have to do the new section ‘mini-portfolio’ (2015) if they are doing the exam to gain a permanent residency permit or Dutch nationality.

If you have done the TGN abroad at a Dutch embassy. Did you get 37 points or more for the test? Then you are exempt of doing the (new) test for spoken Dutch A2, which will be part of the exam on as of 1-11-2014.

(Source LinkedIn – Inburgering Group – Written by Ad Appel – NT2 specialist)

Inburgering and NT2 diploma

Since the wet inburgering (citizenship law) came into effect in 2007 many non-EU citizens in the Netherlands have been faced with the task of following a programme for Inburgering (citizenship). The alternative is doing the NT2-programme.

One of the problems people face is the municipal communication about the various programmes, and which programme fits your needs and skills. Very often the Inburgering programme is confused with the NT2 diploma programme. If this is all Dutch to you, please read on.

For Dutch citizenship there are 3 different routes to take. These are generally separate routes, and not to be taken one after the other. It is important to choose the route that is right for you. Your choice should be determined by first assessing what you need the diploma for; naturalization for instance.

1. Inburgeringsexamen

Since 2007 75% of examinees have passed the Inburgeringsexamen. (Source: NRC Handelsblad) The following exerpt is from on 13 November 2012.

The Inburgeringsexam has 6 parts:

  1. Toets Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving (KNS)
  2. Toets Gesproken Nederlands (TGN)
  3. Toets Lezen, level A2
  4. Toets Luisteren, level A2
  5. Toets Schrijven, level A2
  6. Portfolio Oriëntatie Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt (ONA) – including the interview (50 minutes with 2 employees of DUO)

KNM – Knowledge of Dutch Society

The theory part of the Inburgeringsexamen tests your Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM).

You need a minimum of 60% to pass this part of the programme. And… you can retake this exam if you don’t pass it first time round.

The speaking test

To do the speaking test, you have to respond to short videos using a few sentences of spoken Dutch for each video. You are in a shared room with other candidates. You wear a headset and a microphone which is hooked up to a PC. Your spoken Dutch response is recorded and played back later for assessment.

Reading, Listening and Writing

The reading and listening tests are multiple-choice tests which are taken on a PC. The writing test is done with pen and paper. You have to write short notes or emails, fill in forms and complete unfinished sentences.

Portfolio Oriëntatie Nederlands Arbeidsmarkt (ONA)

In addition to the 5 tests mentioned so far, you also have to create a portfolio as evidence of your orientation on the Dutch job market. Once you have completed this task, and your portfolio has been submitted, you are asked to come and speak about your portfolio. One or two examiners will ask you questions about your portfolio ONA, mainly to test whether your answers are authentic. All this of course in Dutch. This takes around 50 minutes.

2. NT2 Examen Programma 1

The NT2 Examen Programma 1 is mainly to prove your Dutch language skills if you are working in Dutch in the Netherlands. Programma 1 means that you have done a vocational degree i.e. you are a trained receptionist, carpenter, hairdresser, waiter, cook, electrician etc.

The NT2 Programma 1 exam falls into 4 parts. For each part you receive a certificate. When you have 4 certificates you are awarded the diploma. The diploma gets you Dutch citizenship, and exempts you from the Inburgeringsexamen.

Having this NT2 exam on your CV will increase your chances of a job within a Dutch organization considerably.

If you have a University degree or a higher education degree at Bachelor or Masters level then this exam is not for you. You need to do the NT2 Examen Programma 2.

2. NT2 Examen Programma 2

You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and you are a knowledge immigrant with a profession in science, law, finance, education, healthcare, business, research etc.

The NT2 Programma 2 exam falls into 4 parts. For each part you pass you receive a certificate. When you have 4 certificates you are awarded the diploma. The diploma gets you Dutch citizenship and exempts you from the Inburgeringsexamen.

The 4 certificates are for reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

This exam is the highest level of Dutch a non-native speaker can achieve. It is equivalent to the IELTS Proficiency English diploma. Having this NT2 diploma on your CV will increase your chances of a job within a Dutch organization considerably.

In general these tests and exams are conducted through the municipality or university. For instance you can do the training and take the tests for the NT2 Examen Programma 2 at the University of Amsterdam or the ROC. For the inburgering you would have to go through your local ‘gemeente’ or ‘stadsdeel’.

Dutch & Such offers support for all 4 of these programmes. The success rate at Dutch & Such for passing the Inburgeringsexamen is 95%. If you are interested in guidance and coaching for any of the above-mentioned exams or tests please feel free to contact Nick Walker. For further details please fill in the contact form.