In-company Language Training

Everyday Dutch or Business English

Many companies based in the Netherlands offer international employees Dutch language courses. Although internationals often don’t need Dutch for work, speaking the local language makes you feel more at home, and less like a tourist. Despite the fact that English is the primary language in today’s business world, knowing Dutch is more important than ever. If you speak the local language, you are more likely to stay in the Netherlands.

Online and On-site

Business English, on the other hand, is vitally important if you work in an international environment. Although your company might be Dutch, more and more work is being done online, and therefore in English. Having just the basic skill set for Business English often isn’t enough to work at an international level. That’s why an increasing number of companies are offering Business English courses to their staff. Having a course in-company also helps to forge good relationships between employees. Whether you’d like the teacher to come to your premises and run the programme in person or whether you’d prefer to have the training online, we offer both options.

Our language training includes the following options:

  • Group courses with up to ten participants
  • All levels of learning from Elementary to Advanced
  • Sessions are held on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm
  • We offer training on-site within an 80-km radius of Amsterdam
  • We offer training online using Google Meet and Classroom

Please check our prices page for in-company fees.

A few more details

Training sessions are typically 90 minutes

We work in blocks of 10 or 15 weekly sessions

Course books are not included

For more info please get in touch with Nick Walker.

Feel free to call directly on: 00 31 (0)6 42272974 or send an email