At Dutch & Such we use a wide variety of online resources alongside the mainstream course books. The online programme includes the use of additional websites, apps, news articles, TV programmes, photographs, podcasts, YouTube videos, links to audio files and more.


Our interview sheets are key to the speaking activity we do during class. All materials are selected or written specifically to meet your language learning needs. After testing a variety of online learning platforms we have settled on Google Workspace. It’s the best platform to bring the full range of online learning resources to you.

Online Language Training in Google Workspace

  • Works on laptop/desktop/tablet
  • Works best with a stable connection
  • Directly accessible from your browser
  • Full integration across all applications
  • Better results than offline learning
  • Easy access to our online resources
  • Everything you need in one place

Just fire up your browser…

…and you’re good to go!

Gmail or Email







  • Registration and invoicing
  • Self-assessment checklist
  • Setting up your training
  • Updates on assignments








  • Scheduling of class dates
  • Homework assignments
  • Live link to Google Meet
  • Join lesson from your calendar

Google Classroom







  • Homework assignments in Docs
  • Chat function for your questions
  • Feedback and corrections from the teacher
  • Podcasts, YouTube videos, apps and more

Google Meet







  • Real-time interactions
  • Chat function during class
  • Speaking practice in break-out rooms
  • Missing a class? we can record the lesson