Translation Overview

Phanta Vision – Screenplay – 2016/2017 – Dutch to English

Dutch TV and film director Norbert Ter Hall is currently working on a new film.  The Dutch film production company Phanta Vision commissioned Dutch & Such to do the English translation of the screenplay. The film is a study of how terrorism and war are often misrepresented by journalists and the media.

Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam – 2017 – Dutch to English

Gundy van Dijk works as an educator at the Amsterdam Maritime Museum. She develops forward-thinking education programs, that aims to teach teenage children the history of The Netherlands, in a way that connects the past with their lives today. Translation of her abstract for The International Best Practice Award.

Norbert Ter Hall – 2016 – Dutch to English

Translation of Norbert Ter Hall’s biography for his website. Mr Ter Hall is a Dutch TV and film director who is best known for his series ‘A’dam – E.V.A.’, produced by the Dutch broadcasting companies NTR, VARA and VPRO. Find Norbert Ter Hall on IMDB.

Thinking Museum – Website – 2015 – English to Dutch

Thinking Museum was established by Claire Bown in 2013 as a company offering museum education services, and programs to museums, individuals and business. Claire asked me to translate her English website into Dutch. The Dutch version of the website is currently under construction.

Mandarin Stars – 2014 – English to Dutch

Mandarin Stars is a Mandarin Chinese education program for children ages 1 to 12. Mandarin Stars is based in Australia and the Netherlands. Translation of the entire website for the Dutch market:

Blackboard – Moodle Rooms – 2014 – English to Dutch

Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and course management system. This English to Dutch translation project was done for the launch of Blackboard’s online learning platform Moodle Rooms targeting the Dutch market.

Buma/Stemra – 2014 – Dutch to English

In conjunction with The Workz I did part of the translation and editing of Buma/Stemra’s email templates for the correspondence with their members. Buma/Stemra is an international copyright organization based in The Netherlands.

Royal Opera House – Holland Herald – MediaPartners Group – 2014 – English to Dutch

For the KLM in-flight magazine Holland Herald. Descriptions highlighting productions at the Royal Opera House in London that are broadcast live to cinemas around the world, including The Netherlands.

Anna Gilhespy – 2013 – English to Dutch

English to Dutch translation of Anna Gilhespy’s website. Anna is a portrait artist who works on a commission basis in paint, pencil and photography.

Liesbeth van der Pol – Dutch Courage – 2013 – Dutch to English

A full-length feature article about designing schools in The Netherlands, showcasing the work of acclaimed Dutch architect Liesbeth van der Pol. The article was published by DMB Publishing, Sussex, UK. Liesbeth van der Pol runs the Amsterdam-based architect agency DOK Architecten. Find the article here:

ABNAMRO Trade & Commodity – 2012 – Dutch to English

Brochure in print for an online trading service giving access to the worldwide FX and Money Markets.

KPN / Newtel Essence – 2011- Dutch to English

Newtel Essence resells and provides systems integration services for customer contact solutions. The company operates as a subsidiary of Koninklijke KPN N.V. In 2011, the Dutch version of the Newtel Essence website needed to be translated into English, in a bid to expand their market. I did the Dutch to English translation of the website’s content.

Prime Minister of Belgium Yves Leterme – 2008 – Dutch to English

Speech by the Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme, given at the Residential Seminar Federation of Coordination Centres held at Ieper, Belgium on 29 May 2008.

The Carlton Hotel – 2006 – English to Dutch

Two extensive translation projects for The Carlton Hotel. The websites of ‘The Carlton President’ in Utrecht, and the ‘The Carlton Oasis’ in Rotterdam. Both hotels are based in The Netherlands.

Dierenpark Amersfoort ‘Zoo Stories’ – 2003 – Dutch to English

‘Zoo Stories’ is a 45-page publication by the Amersfoort Zoo showcasing its unique species protection program.


Artery – 2002 – English to Dutch

The ‘Artery’ project was aimed at the rejuvenation of rivers and waterways in parts of Germany, The UK, and The Netherlands. ‘Artery’ was endorsed by the European Union. The brochure showcasing the Artery project was published in Dutch, English and German.

Idea Books, Amsterdam – 1995 / 1998 – Catalogue text writer – English

Idea Books is an international distributor of publications on contemporary art, photography, architecture, design and fashion. Museums such as the MOMA in New York, museums and booksellers worldwide would often place their orders out of the Idea Books catalogue, which was a quarterly publication. I was one of the chief contributors to the catalogue and I wrote the short descriptions of the books on offer.