Nick Walker, your Dutch and English teacher.


I was born in London, and grew up in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. I have been living in the Netherlands since the age of 12. With a Dutch mother and a British father I am completely bilingual. Being an English as well as a Dutch native speaker is a huge benefit to my language courses. Students of Dutch & Such, who are native English speakers or very fluent in English, find my approach to teaching Dutch very helpful. At the early stages of learning Dutch I use English in the lesson to ease learners into the Dutch language slowly. For Dutch people learning English it is also helpful to learn from someone who understands all the ins and outs of Dutch.


I have been teaching adult learners English and Dutch since 1995. I also worked as a professional artist between 1995 and 2004, and have exhibited my paintings and drawings at many different locations in Amsterdam. This combination of an artistic as well as a linguistic background gives me a fresh take on teaching languages. My approach is innovative, creative and highly engaging. With a background in art my lessons always appeal to visual learners. My use of videos, maps, photos, as well as notes and drawings on the whiteboard help explain the target language and enhance the learning process. Learning a new language is fun!


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Education. I also hold a Cambridge CELTA-certificate. In the past I have attended a Harvard University workshop on Visible Thinking, an approach to learning which is at the forefront of education. I have also adopted a method of processing information, known as Mind Mapping, pioneered by the British author and psychologist Tony Buzan. My notes and drawings on the whiteboard reveal a passion for Mind Mapping as well as my classical training as an artist. Language and art come together at Dutch & Such.

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