Learn more with Dutch & Such 

Learning a language is such endless fun!

We offer English and Dutch language training all year round.

For the Dutch group courses the year is divided into trimesters.


  • 1 – January to April  
  • 2 – April to June 
  • 3 – September to December 

Small Groups = Big Results


Group courses at Dutch & Such are always small. There is a maximum of ten students per online group course.

Having small groups ensures maximum learning. The group is small enough for you to get plenty of personal attention while it is still big enough for a dynamic interaction with the others in class. Small groups simply means you get big results.

Private English or Dutch language training

Private courses are much easier to fit in, so they run all year round. These 1-2-1 lessons can be planned according to mutual schedules. You could start with a series of private lessons any time in the year. Private lessons are typically planned on weekdays during office hours.

In-company courses private and group

In-company courses, both for groups and individuals, can be planned on weekdays during office hours. Again this type of course can be scheduled all year round.

Language Certificate

When looking for employment, language skills are often a huge asset. If you have a certificate showing that you have completed a particular Dutch or English language course, it can really help build your CV. Sometimes Dutch organisations such as the IND need to see a Dutch language certificate, for instance if you seek naturalisation or a permanent residency in the Netherlands. At the end of a language course we can offer you a certificate upon request.

Dutch & Such is CRKBO certified, which means our language courses are excluded from 21% VAT.