Email English

Is your email English up to the job? Do you feel confident when you click that send button? Or does your grammar and spelling often let you down? Do you take pot luck with standard phrases and common email courtesy? Do you have difficulty striking the right tone? Get back control of your correspondence and learn to write effective emails in English.

If any of this sounds familiar, then please request a quotation now for an Email English course with Dutch & Such.

Sign up for our Email English course and:


  • Build your confidence using English for work emails.
  • Make sure your use of English tenses is rock solid.
  • Weed out common mistakes, false friends and Dunglish.
  • Work on the email vocabulary and standard phrases you need.
  • Get regular feedback from your teacher on your writing assignments.
  • Work with the best-selling book Email English by Paul Emmerson.
  • Learn how to use online resources to help broaden your vocabulary.


The general rule for homework during your language course is as follows:

for each individual class, you need to factor in the same amount of time for the homework.

Say, for instance, you have a 90-minute class once a week, then the time you should spend on the homework should be 90 minutes as well. Before you start doing your homework it is important to time yourself. Cap your homework time at that 90-minute mark. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished.

Bear in mind it is more productive to do your homework in three half-hour sessions spread out through the week, than in one 90-minute session. The secret to learning is routine.