To get an idea of how I teach check out my 3-minute video on the Dutch word ‘Er’.

Tailored to your needs

My teaching method is a solid balance between theory and practice. The Dutch curriculum is based on a wide variety of sources: language books, articles from the Internet, TV programmes, photographs, maps and more. Carefully composed handouts are a key supplement to mainstream course books. All materials are written specifically to meet the needs of each group of students.

Streaming Video

More recently I have added online video to the curriculum. Homework tasks are set around watching online videos, complete with transcriptions and questions about the video. Click here for a sample of an online video for one of my Dutch lessons:


More and more, I am incorporating Elearning into my teaching practice. In my classes, you will also learn about the wonderful apps we have to help learn vocabulary. Try for instance. Have all the words you need to learn on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, and practice your Dutch or English vocabulary on the go.

Whiteboard drawings

A successful lesson is entertaining and engaging! Formerly, I worked as an artist, and over the years I have developed a highly visual approach to teaching. My board work is always full of visual hooks and memory aids to help you understand how the language works.